Jeroen de Rond (1956) moved from the dynamic centre of Amsterdam to the peaceful village Bussum at the age of seven. There, the rich nature of Het Gooi got a firm grip on him which would never really let go. Although his environment mainly had eyes for his artistic talents, Jeroen developed a passion for research of natural history. Visual skills apparently always contradict with mathematical abilities, so unfortunately a study in biology stayed out of reach.

In 1981 Jeroen graduated for a first degree in Art Teaching, after 6 years of training at the University of Amsterdam and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The economy was down and competition among graduated students of the second baby boom was fierce, but nevertheless he succeeded in getting a part-time job at the local art school in lelystad. After several years of looking for a regular job in education, he was asked to work for an advertisement company, and gradually the commercial work could no longer be combined with teaching.

Half way across the nineties his main field of work shifted from business-to-business to natural history and environmental subjects. Simultaneously the computer began to take a dominant position in the illustration process. Jeroen's realistic but vibrant style is better expressed in painting and sketching than in linear art. One of the few applications that allow an expressive and intuitive way of working is Corel Painter, which is applied in many of the works displayed on this site.
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